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Enjoy some wonderful gaming experiences on the web. Please note that these games are playable on desktop/laptop computers with keyboard input only (no mobile support).


Psykadelics is a vibrant, fast-paced game where you navigate a dazzling maze of colors. Your goal is to dodge and weave through an ever-increasing barrage of obstacles and mines. Perfect your skills and climb the high score tables!

Psykadelics screenshot


Shmupacabra is an intense shoot 'em up adventure where you pilot a fighter jet through enemy territories. Blast away at incoming enemy ships with your powerful arsenal and dodge incoming fire to survive. How long can you last against the unrelenting enemy forces?

Shmupacabra screenshot


Lariad is an exploration based action/adventure game. The protagonist is a swamp dweller who lives peacefully on his wetland planet, all by himself. Then, one fateful night, unbeknownst to the swamp dweller, an intruder lands on his planet and steals something that's very precious to him.

Lariad title art

Highway Star

Embark on Highway Star, a high-octane ride through an endless cosmic road, collecting golden stars on your motorbike. Master the rhythm of the stars: go 7 seconds without a miss to unlock new patterns and speed into the unknown. Short, intense, and utterly addictive—Highway Star is your fast track to interstellar excitement. Play now and conquer the celestial highway!

Highway Star screenshot


Navigate the maze, choose your path wisely. Every drop counts as you guide the ball to each pocket, but tread carefully, for once chosen, no path can be retraced. Challenge your strategy, master the art of precision, and unlock the secrets within.

Kule screenshot